The Benefits of Shea Butter

Your hair is important to you and you want to take care of it, keep it healthy, and help it look as good as possible. Unfortunately, taking care of your hair is harder than most people think. Washing it too much can remove the natural oils, washing it too little can make it look greasy. Your typical hair products contain ingredients that can be harmful to your hair and cause more damage than you may think. While some shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products may say they are natural and organic, they may contain ingredients that are not as natural as you may think. There are certain ingredients to look for in your shampoos and conditioners to ensure you get...

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What Make Us Different

Having healthy and beautiful skin should be easy, but it isn’t. Just about everything can cause damage or affect your hair and skin in some way. If you have worked hard trying to find the best products for your hair and skin, you know that they are hard to come by. Shampoos that promise to hydrate your hair only make it feel more dry and frizzy. Conditioners that are meant to add volume leave your hair laying flat against your face. The struggle to find the right products for your hair is definitely real, but we can change that. Perform By Dr. KaNisha Hall was created to improve the health of your hair. These products can help to hydrate, condition,...

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