What Make Us Different

Having healthy and beautiful skin should be easy, but it isn’t. Just about everything can cause damage or affect your hair and skin in some way. If you have worked hard trying to find the best products for your hair and skin, you know that they are hard to come by. Shampoos that promise to hydrate your hair only make it feel more dry and frizzy. Conditioners that are meant to add volume leave your hair laying flat against your face. The struggle to find the right products for your hair is definitely real, but we can change that.

Perform By Dr. KaNisha Hall was created to improve the health of your hair. These products can help to hydrate, condition, rejuvenate, and strengthen your hair. With shampoos, conditioners, oil treatments, styling gels, texture creams, and more, Perform can help you with all of your hair needs, including health. But how are you supposed to know if our products actually make a difference?

It is fair to be skeptical, so we will give you a bit of a background. Dr. KaNisha Hall became a doctor but her real passion was hair care. She is a woman of many colors, as a medical doctor, counselor, published author, philanthropist, and a woman inspiring other to embrace their inner and outer beauty. Beginning a career in chemistry and botany helped her get started in creating the Perform products. So while other products are full of chemicals and other harmful ingredients, Perform is made with nourishing plant proteins, vitamins, and essential oils. That is the difference between us and the competition.

Our Perform products are made with ingredients that are healthy for your hair. In this blog, we will go over some of the ingredients we use in our products, and why they are beneficial to hair.

Shea Butter

Shea butter has always been known to offer many benefits to hair and skin. Not only does shea butter smell fantastic, but it can help to improve the health of your hair and skin. Shea butter is found in many different beauty products, including our perform products, specifically our High Profile Edge Control.

These are only a few of the many benefits that shea butter can offer. Find a full list of skin, hair, and health benefits from Stylecraze now!Shea butter is great for the skin—helping with hydration, restoring elasticity, stretch marks, and so much more. But what does shea butter do for your hair? Your hair can benefit greatly from shea butter. This magical butter can help restore your hair, repairing damage from treated hair and protecting against other damages. Shea butter can help sooth an itching scalp, treat split ends, and keep your curls in place. Our edge control is the product you need to keep your curls in place and frizz and flyaways at a minimum.

Peppermint Oil

If you are looking for hair products that give your hair rich nutrients and minerals, peppermint oil should be in it. This oil includes calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium, manganese, as well as omega-3, vitamins A and C, and so much more. Peppermint oil offers many benefits to your skin and hair. It can stimulate oil secretion in your skin which helps prevent acne. For your hair, peppermint oil can help with dryness, stimulates hair growth, and is antimicrobial.

Eliminate dandruff and improve the growth of your hair with this oil. Our Fresh Scene products include peppermint oil, offering you healthy hair products that can help sooth a dry scalp, stimulate hair growth, and hydrates hair. We offer Fresh Scene shampoo, conditioner, oil treatment, and pomade, allowing your to get the best hair care products with one powerful ingredient!


While you may be familiar with the use of aloe on sunburns, you may not have known that it is also beneficial to hair. According to healthline, aloe vera can help your hair in many different ways. It can be used to sooth an itching scalp, like peppermint oil. Aloe can also strengthen your hair and restore your hair to a healthier state, while promoting hair growth. If you are looking for a deep clean that can help remove excess oil from your hair, aloe can get the job done. Aloe cleanses hair follicles, removing oil without damaging or hurting your hair.

Your hair will look and feel amazing after using products with aloe. If you are hoping for shinier, softer, and healthier hair, try our Model Moisture shampoo. This product has botanicals, proteins, aloe, antioxidants, and chamomile to give your hair a healthy treatment. But you can also find aloe in our Poised All-In-One, a shampoo, body wash, and shaving cream that will leave your hair and skin feeling softer and hydrated.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a great ingredient for shampoo and other hair and skin products. This oil can help keep your hair healthy and beautiful, stimulating healthy and strong growth. It is also a good product for soothing the scalp, treating dandruff, and can help treat scalp acne.

Tea tree oil can give you a deep clean, stripping buildup in your hair and restoring the natural pH balance. Our Fresh Scene Shampoo can help you get the healthy, smooth, and beautiful hair you want, as well as help it grow to new lengths.


Vitamin A is needed for cell growth. This vitamin helps to create sebum in the body, which helps to hydrate the scalp, keeping hair healthy and beautiful. According to a healthline article, a lack of vitamin A can cause hair loss, so many sure you are taking your vitamins as well as using hair products with this vitamin included in the ingredients.Many of our products also contain vitamins that can help promote healthier hair. Vitamin A, B5, C, and E can be found in many of our products. If you want your hair to be restored, try our products that contain these vitamins as a main ingredient.

Pantothenic acid, or vitamin B5, is also very beneficial to hair. This vitamin supports adrenal glands to help stimulate hair growth. B5 can also help with your hair’s pigmentations and prevent hair loss, helping your hair look and feel healthier and thicker.

The antioxidants found in vitamin C can help protect your hair against free radicals that damage your hair and stifle growth. Your body requires this vitamin to create collagen, an important protein in your hair’s structure.

Vitamin E also offers antioxidants and help to prevent oxidative stress. This vitamin can be very beneficial for those who wish to grow their hair longer and thicker. Vitamin E can protect your hair, which allows for such significant growth.

These vitamins work together in many of our products to help your hair. The benefits that come from these vitamins can help to restore your hair’s health, leaving it smooth, long, thick, and shiny. Our products that include one or more of these vitamins are the Fresh Scene conditioner, Fresh Scene pomade, High Profile edge control, High Profile glossing serum, High Profile styling gel, Model Moisture detangler, and the Picture Perfect texture cream. Find the products you need for healthy and beautiful hair!

These are only a few of the many ingredients we use in our products that offer amazing benefits for your hair and skin. We want our products to help you achieve the healthier hair you want and deserve, we also make sure our products don’t have any harmful ingredients, including parabens, sulfates, or sodium chloride.

If you are tired of trying different hair products trying to find one that is actually healthy for your hair, look no further. Perform By Dr. KaNisha Hall offers products that are healthy and can transform your hair into something you love! Try our products now and love them forever! Shop today and contact us with any questions.